Tuesday, December 1, 2009


"Everything is alright when you're down"
- The Jesus & Mary Chain

As the last breaths escape from the lungs of 2009, I feel my own heartbeat slow to a crawl. The expense of energy and currency from the last few months lies at my feet like a broken victim, but as i gaze inward it's clear that i've only succeeded in preying upon myself. it seems as though there are very few things to look forward to at this point, and motivation in this state seems far out of reach, but i will continue to press onward and upward - as always - because there is no other clear choice but to persevere, as best i can.

I've previously related the fact that i will be shipping orders for items that are NOT listed as preorders this week. preorder items are still in production. i've asked the shirt printers to get rolling with the M BLADH shirts and have sent the layout for MAXIMUM BITTERNESS by THEOLOGIAN to be printed. i am hoping that these will be on hand by the 18th at the very latest. the rest of the preorder items should follow shortly thereafter, if not sooner. andy from THE VOMIT ARSONIST has submitted new artwork for THE FINAL PAGE, and i've still got to complete the final piece for WRETCH REIMAGINED, all of which have obviously delayed the production of this release, but it is coming soon, following the above timetable.

In other news, the newly-released double cd, CEMETERY ROAD/DEAD ELECTRONIKS by WILT has been released by AD NOISEAM and features the collaborative track A ROOM WITH NEITHER ENTRANCE, NOR EXIT by THEOLOGIAN, which serves as the basis for the forthcoming cassette release of the same name, which will be included with the new WILT shirt, available as a preorder in the ANNIHILVS webstore.

Please note (again) that the STUDY FOR A THEATER OF CRUELTY cd by MARTIN BLADH is currently available as a standalone item. if anyone who has preordered the special edition wishes to have their cd sent to them in advance of the shirt and special packaging, they need only to ask. new distro items have been added, and more is coming. patience is appreciated.

thanks for looking and listening.
hail satan

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