Wednesday, November 18, 2009


"The phonograph is not of any commercial value."
- Thomas Edison, 1880

It's taking some time for me to settle back into my daily routine
after APEX FEST III, and with a forthcoming trip out of town for
thanksgiving week, the residue of upheaval will most likely not fully recede
until next month.

I owe thanks to a great number of people, but the list is long so it
seems more prudent to simply state that i am lucky to have had the
experience of working with so many amazing individuals. as many people
know, there was a lot of stress and difficulty surrounding the
preparations for APEX FEST III, but in the end it turned out to be much
more enjoyable and successful than i could have expected. this is due to the
incredible people who put so much of their energy, effort and in
certain cases, money, into helping me to realise it, and i thank you all from the
bottom of my soul for making it such a phenomenal experience.

now in stock and have been added to the webstore as a standalone item,
separately from the special edition. the shirt design has been with
the printers for over a month, but they haven't yet gone into
i'm looking into a good printer to do the large artwork for the special edition, so i may not be able to ship them until mid-december.
if you've ordered the shirt/cd combo and want your cd shipped without the shirt, let me know.

I've also added some new distro items to the webstore, including
releases from THE VOMIT ARSONIST and BEREFT, as well as the left over
APEX FEST III shirts and posters. if you missed the opportunity to
come to the shows, at least you can dress as though you were there.
more distro items will be going up soon.

2010 will be the 13th year of existence for ANNIHILVS, and several new
releases are being planned. it's likely that i'll be making a
transition to primarily releasing vinyl in the new year, with a few
LPs being discussed.

As previously announced, i will begin shipping orders for items other
than the preorders at the end of this month, and into mid-december. by
that time all preorder items should hopefully be in my hands. the fest
took a lot of my time, energy and money, so certain things had to be
pushed back. rest assured they are all coming together, and most are
in various stages of production. for example, all shirt artwork has
been with the printers for at least a month, if not more.

Finally, it is entirely possible that APEX FEST III will be the final
live event that i organise. the climate in new york has become far too
fickle and indifferent to warrant the monumental stress and expense it
takes to do these shows. i'm not saying it can't happen, but i am
saying at this point i have absolutely zero interest in ever doing it

As always, thank you for looking and listening.

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