Tuesday, December 15, 2009

NEW WEB RELEASE - love is nothing. suffer and be devastated.

As another gesture to those who have been patiently awaiting their orders, and as a further thanks to everyone who has continued to show interest in my activities over the years, i've just posted another free release for download.

My drone/ambient/metal project, love is nothing. has not been as active in the past couple of years as i'd originally hoped it would be. however, in the spring of 2009, my good friend Mark Kammerbauer of FRAGMENT KING stayed with me for a brief time, and one day we worked on some improvised bass guitar recordings together. i'd been planning to do more with these sessions, but the only thing that i managed to sculpt out of the recordings was this track, which i'd submitted the track for inclusion in an online compilation, but it was not used and i don't anticipate that it will be, so i'm choosing to present it this way instead.

Clocking in at about 24.24 minutes, this piece consists of only bass guitar and voice, edited and effected in such a way as to create an absolutely miserable atmosphere, perfectly expressing the emotional and psychological state in which i found myself at the time. not, ironically, unlike what i am feeling at this very moment. the included imagery comes courtesy of a mutual friend of mark's and mine, frank merten of HERBST9.

So, without further attempting an explanation, is my gift to you:

love is nothing.
suffer and be devastated.
bass guitar by mark kammerbauer.
vocals/editing/mixing/recording by lee m bartow.
photograph by frank merten.

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