Thursday, April 23, 2009


Believe it or not, I have just spent the bulk of today packing a pretty sizeable number of parcels, including all copies of [NTT.FINAL PHASE], and assorted other outstanding orders that have stacked up from the past YEAR.

I had hoped to make it to the post office before they closed at 6pm today, but my day was cut in half when i ran out of packing tape and bubble mailers and had to take a quick run up to staples.

So, i have put the box of packages in my car, and will bring them to be shipped at the crack of noon tomorrow.
It is my intention to send these parcels via media rate, because it will probably empty my bank account to send everything at once. However, i am determined to get these the fuck off my back as soon as i can, so i'll take the hit for those of you who have been waiting patiently (and in some cases, not so patiently) for your items to show up.

I do apologise profusely for the ridiculous delay, but all i can say for myself is that i have had an exceptionally difficult two years on both financial and psycho-emotional fronts. Those of you who have stuck with me since the early days are well-versed in how much trouble i have with handling individual orders, and how tumultuous my life tends to be. Getting to the post office is a particularly strenuous task when one can barely get out of bed every day.

In any case, i'm sure there are still some orders that have fallen through the cracks, and i know that some orders that were mailed out last year never reached their destination (what the fuck is it with the german postal system???), and i have about 9-12 orders still listed as outstanding from what seems like a million years ago, which i will attempt to take care of some time soon.

Once again, i find myself crawling out of a fucking mental and emotional abyss, where i've lain for the past four months, and today was merely the first very small step upward.
Fuck the ruiners.

I'll post again when i hear from Jason about the boxsets.

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