Tuesday, February 16, 2010


"The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor."
- Albert Camus, "The Myth Of Sisyphus"

Well, things are looking somewhat better. after only a few weeks of being unemployed, i've started working again — unfortunately, what i am doing for work is not so great, and i'm not sure how long i'll last there. but, i need to have a job, so i will bite the bullet for as long as i can and endure my situation. the good news is that my new work schedule will give me a lot of free time during the week to get back to label business, as i'm now working only three days a week. the fact that i'm cramming almost 40 hours into those three days presents me with a degree of stress, but at least i'm not cleaning toilets or mopping jizz. it's nothing especially untoward, i'm just working in a factory, which i suppose one can say is part of the backbone of this country. in any case, i will now have my weekdays free to focus on label operations.

In any case, i apologise for the delay in shipping for certain orders. because my financial situation was in question, i needed to hold off on moving forward until i had a better grasp of what was ahead of me. now that i have an income, i can keep going. i've told the shirt printers to go ahead with the WILT shirt, so they should be on hand in the next week or so. i'll be getting a number of orders out by the end of this week into early next week, and then will make it a point to keep things moving as best i can. i appreciate your patience, as always.

So, here is a very rough encapsulation of what is going on with the preorders:

More than half of the copies of the MARTIN BLADH special edition and THE VOMIT ARSONIST/THEOLOGIAN package have shipped. i need to order some more supplies for the rest before i can get them out, but as i said above, there's a stack of orders ready to be shipped very soon.

Audio for A ROOM WITH NEITHER ENTRANCE, NOR EXIT is now complete. there are two all-new pieces from WILT, and the cassette will include both the original and extended versions of the titular collaboration between WILT and THEOLOGIAN.

I've posted a 12 minute preview of material from WITHOUT ME, the forthcoming cdr release by love is nothing., which features extended collaborations with my friend Carrie Ingber, who played synths in my first band S.H.R.I.K.E., back in 1991. Carrie is currently the bassist for the amazing ZAMBRI (www.myspace.com/zambri), who i've basically been begging to work with me on a release.
i'm pretty sure the material on this cdr will be unlike anything anyone's heard from me before, meshing poppy shoegaze and dance rhythms with my trademark drones. if you're a fan of JOY DIVISION and THE CURE, you'll get where this is coming from. i'm loving this stuff so far and can't wait to work on more. this preview is the result of my tinkering with existing, incomplete tracks that Carrie gave me, and doesn't necessarily represent what will appear on the final version of the release...

I've got one track complete for the collaboration with STEVE MOORE, and am waiting for him to send me more source material. there will be a total of four tracks.

The audio component for the collab with INSWARM is on hold until they get back from doing some gigs with JARBOE.

I think the stuff i'm working on with STROM.ec is also going to surprise people. sonically, it has a lot more in common with love is nothing. material than THEOLOGIAN, because it's entirely constructed from guitar. i wouldn't exactly call this power electronics, more like power drone, but it's great!

That's pretty much all for now. i'm working on some really awesome possible releases, including the first official cd release by THEOLOGIAN later this year, on a label i really dig.

Thanks very much for looking and listening. more is coming...

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