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Heathen Harvest review of Koerperwelten release

Körperwelten - Avatars Of Rape And Rage
Thursday, January 15 2009 @ 12:00 AM PST
Contributed by: Perceptron

Avatars Of Rape And Rage

Artist: Körperwelten Other

Title: Avatars Of Rape And Rage

Label: Malignant Records United States

Genre: Experimental / Dark Ambient / Noise

Track Listing:

Part I - Rape

01 The Sun Destroyers
02 The Forces of Chastity are Massing once Again
03 Oestrus

Part II - Rage

04 My Heart pumps Piss for You
05 Kidney Stone of Wisdom
06 Breed for Me

The awaited collaboration between Henrik Björkk and Navicon Torture Technologies / Leech has been issued on Malignant Records under the name Körperwelten. evolves between sick ambient and noisier pattern, filled with the subtleties we could await from two giants of, respectively, dark ambient and noise. The album is a 6 panel digipack with « extreme and controversial artwork » by Jonathan Canady consisting of a bloody SM-porn-snuff-movie-esque cartoon. Let's check what's in the guts of this bloody album...

Till the first track, we can feel an insane atmosphere. « The Sun Destroyers » deals with some mechanical pornographic metaphor, with a low heartbeat rhythmic getting almost ritual, lost in a void of echoed distorted breathing and haunting tones... What could be better to introduce the first part named « Rape »?

As one could expect, all sounds, rhythm and combination are quite surprising, Samples appear as well as metallic shocks, various destructions phrasing the whole... Electronic parasites appear, playing with the nerves of the listener in a crazy stereo effect. Intensity rises with some more and more distorted and abrasive sound layers, adorned with some kind of deep harmonious voices behind. A rhythmic may be identified behind, consisting of low patterns or heavy dirty beats.
An amazing track with excellent sounds...

« The Forces of Chastity » keeps on with the same ambient background, but introduces a clearer rhythmic pattern, delightfully noisy. An aggressive distorted beat begins together with a really repetitive sample phrased by lower industrial metallic sounds. Then, a wonderful transition to a siren driven rhythmic part with a martial regularity, together with a melodic bass sound, and highly dismembered noises: really massive and powerful. Also an excellent track, especially the second part of it... The combination of noise, rhythmic industrial, and ambient.

With « Oestrus », back to some rather ambient atmospheres, phrased with a deep low beat, into a maze of distant metallic gratings... When it comes to atmosphere, the terms « dark » and « anguishing » should be considered with their true meaning and import...

The « Part II - Rage » begins with « My Heart pumps Piss for You », a track following the same path as « Oestrus »: ambient atmosphere and heavy low beat. But, the increasing intensity in the middle of it rather recalls the first track. This finally reaches a noisy plateau from which hardly surfaces an intriguing and obsessing little melody... The fifth track « Kidney Stone Wisdom » takes back some ambient elements from the former tracks and distort 'em till they get unnoticed within an intensity and loudness increase... The ill-driving electronic synth sound is constantly harassed by parasites and aggressive

To close the track, a plaintive sample with a now more relaxed ambient landscape, yet but devoid of a funeral hateful atmosphere... The last track, « Breed for Me », is a short but intense outro It deals with a spasmodic distorted explosive beat surrounded by a deformed voice, the whole with a sound in the same vein as previously... And a merry happy fanfare concludes this insane trip!

« Avatars of Rape and Rage » exudes sick, dark atmosphere and a massive impression of power, even without sound walls or aggressiveness. The originality of sounds, combinations, atmospheres is striking and refreshing. The music integrates cold elements, mechanical, metallic and industrial sounds, but it's not cold, it's alive, haunted, it easily transmits a feeling of deep unease.

The tracks are perfectly liked together, play with thematic repetitions, many evolutions, intensity's changes and perfect transitions. They evolve from relatively calm noisy ambient with repetitive loops or heavy beats, anguishing sick or even melodic, harmonious parts, till slow rhythmic noise part often accompanied with increase in intensity and in sound harshness... The whole is catchy because of the perfect integration of all these contrasted elements.

Artistically achieved, it makes noise and ambient seductive to courageous newbies, without any compromise to the most demanding audience. Finally, the music doesn't reflect the cover, the artwork or the thematic: not because these would be bad or unsuitable. The music simply goes further, deeper, till setting a musical definition of hell.

A great album! Get it and wait till the next!

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