Monday, May 18, 2009

'...pain and suffering rarely sound more authentic.'


navicon torture technologies
the gospels of the gash
malignant records

Going out in style, that's what NTT's Leech is doing here: a double, over-sized CD set, exploring themes of obsession and desire with Leech baring old scars and exposing mental wounds throughout an epic journey. His trademark so-frank-its-raw-and-suppurating emotion drips from the set's 20 tracks like blood from a razor blade. Power romance is his term – but there's nothing particularly 'romantic' sounding here. More gut-wrenchingly honest, particularly on the tracks when his voice comes to the fore – similar, in that regard, to Prurient, although NTT's death industrial / power electronics frequently brings to mind aspects of and Steel Hook Prostheses, both of whom have been involved in this album's production. The Gospels Of The Gash affords a pleasingly fluid listening experience – harsh, pounding electronics willingly giving way to gentler, more ambient passages – but throughout there remains a dark, disturbing undercurrent of a mind on the edge. Whether this genuinely reflects Leech's state of mind, or is more a case of him being in 'character' doesn't really matter – pain and suffering rarely sound more authentic.

calum harvie 4.5

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