Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Another skirmish in the universe's continuing campaign against me:

Jason forwarded me an email this morning from Roger Karmanik (BRIGHTER DEATH NOW/COLD MEAT INDUSTRY), explaining that he'd received his copies of THE GOSPELS OF THE GASH, and upon opening a copy to take a listen, he found that there were two copies of disc 2 and no copies of disc 1 inside. curious, he opened the rest and found that, of the ten copies he received, two copies were missing disc 1 and had two of disc 2 in them.

Jason suggested i check my copies to make sure they were all okay, and that he'd do the same upon returning home from work.

I promptly called the president of the company who produced the album for us, who said that he'd have our project manager contact Jason and make arrangements to send the copies back so they can check them for us, rather than us going through that effort, and replace whatever needs to be replaced.
However, considering that copies of the album have now been shipped out to various locations across the planet, to both distributors and individual customers, it seems as though this arrangement will do little to stem the tide of what promises to be a massive headache for Jason...

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